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"Ne perdas cum impiis, Deus, animam meam
et cum viris sanguinem vitam meam,
in quorum manibus iniquitates sunt
dextera eorum repleta est muneribus..."

Welcome to NOVEM Co.!

NOVEM is engaged in Instrumentation Research and Development serving Plasma Physics and Radiofrequency Power related industries.

We provide consulting services to the Semiconductor Equipment Industry and other industries using both low and high temperature plasmas at any pressure, from atmospheric to the less than millitorr regime. 

In addition, we provide design and prototyping services for RF and Microwave Plasma Generation Systems, Plasma Diagnostic Systems, Electron Beam Generation Systems for irradiation of Volatile Organic and Halogenated Hydrocarbon contaminated air and process gas streams and nanosecond-wide, multi-kilovolt amplitude pulse generators based on magnetic pulse compression and semiconductor opening switch technologies for a wide range of applications. 

Pulsed Power Research, not associated with NOVEM Co., was until recently conducted at the University of Southern California by the Principal Scientist:

Complete VitaeAndr?s Kuthi (IEEE M87) received the Ph.D. degree in physics from The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, in 1981. He was a research physicist in the UCLA Plasma Physics Laboratory from 1983 to 1991, in the field of experimental magnetic fusion research. Since 1991 he has been working in industry, first as a senior physicist with First Point Scientific, Inc., concentrating on pulsed power, plasma centrifuge for material and medical isotope separation, high energy electron beam generation, pulsed laser concepts for plasma diagnostics, electron-beam based methods for treatment of VOCs and NOx, SOx emissions, and neutron sources for geophysical exploration. 

Dr. Kuthi is presently principal scientist of NOVEM Co.  He is also a retired Research Scientist, until recently in the Electrical Engineering - Electrophysics Department of the University of Southern California. He holds 41 patents and has published 40 scientific papers in refereed journals.